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I think hiring Josh was one of the best business decisions I have made. I had heard through another salesperson that a business coach had made a big difference in his results. I have found this to be true. Josh helped me make a number of major transitions in my business - ones that I could not have made without his counsel.

I have been able to manage my time better, while improving results by working smarter. I now focus on activities that produce sales. I was surprised at Josh's ability to ask proper questions. There is significant value in discussing sales related activities with a qualified person that is NOT my manager.

Jan Martell
Regional Marketing Director
Hartford Leaders

I have the right amount of work, far less anxiety, and more joy! Josh is able to hear what I am really saying even when I am not articulate and helps me realize what matters most to me. Josh is a great sounding board and has a wealth of skills to move even the most complex challenges to clarity and success. I feel like I have come out of a difficult and stressful period and am happily in charge again! Thank you, Josh!

Mary Ellen Shea
Labor arbitrator

Coaching with Josh is probably one of the best things I've done. Once I started working with Joshua I was able to overcome the blocks that were keeping me from moving forward.

John McNinney, Business Coach
Founder and President
Air Conditioning Consulting

Go for it! You won't be sorry. Josh has the 3 essential "amino acids" of an excellent coach: a wide (and consistently expanding) storehouse of knowledge; a true passion for helping people locate and leverage their best resources; a creative combination of imagination, intellect and insight—fueled by a genuine curiosity and a very caring heart.

Rob Peck, C.E.A. (Creative Education Advocate)
Zestworks Speaking & Training

I've worked with Joshua for about 6 months now and, I have gotten further and better paid than I ever have in my career. He is exceptionally responsive and uses email well. He has been instrumental in making sure that I don't sell myself short and ask for what I'm worth. I recommend him to others for this work.

David Williams
Independent producer

Joshua is a skilled listener and helps me focus my thinking. When I talk with Josh, I get useful ideas that I wouldn't get without him. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who is interested in a superior coaching experience.

Peter Jessop
Integrity Building & Construction

My life has manifested many positive results from working with Josh. He is gifted with intellectual and interpersonal brilliance, utmost integrity, unconditional positive regard and support, and a broad range of skills which make him an excellent coach.

Mary Rives, M.S.
Riverview Senior Center

Josh has assisted me in working out some very difficult issues. He has guided me skillfully into seeing possible new directions for my life. I have found his counsel, insight, and wisdom to be of extraordinary value. I also believe there is a spiritual component to this work that fits well with Josh’s character and skills.

Steve Rogers
Rogers Management
(construction supervision)

Josh, a former associate at a Wall Street law firm, understands the reality of the corporate world and working relationships. He understands business – and the perspective of both upper management and the rank and file. He understands that give-and-take element is part of all successful relationships, business, social as well as romantic. He knows that there is in essence a “contract” between the employer and the employee—that in the business world not everything is perfect, or fair, but at the end of the day, one should be happy at his or her job, doing satisfactory work, and getting paid for it. I can’t imagine anyone (friends or family) who would make a better coach than Josh!

Tom Foster
Analyst, MBA, CPA
New York City

I first came to see Joshua Hornick because I needed concrete help getting a couple of new projects off the ground. I was also seeking assistance with the difficult task of figuring out what to do with some other projects that had stalled for years. But I was coming to coaching reluctantly, fearful that it was just another form of new age psychotherapy. For I didn’t need someone to check my emotional pulse or cheer me on with “Rah! Rah! Rah! Go boy go.” I was looking for someone who could help me sort out priorities and analyze the nuts and bolts of my ventures. I wanted to figure out if these new ideas were feasible and if they were likely to give me the emotional payoff I was seeking. I also needed to determine in a concrete and tangible way, the steps necessary to manifest my vision.

Joshua Hornick has given me everything I was looking for and more. The source of his coaching brilliance is multi--faceted as he draws on an incredibly rich background to assist clients. For me he has varied his role depending upon my need: part business consultant; part taskmaster, part spiritual advisor. Unlike most consultants I have worked with over the years, he is not afraid to let me know when he disagrees with me. Even more impressive, he openly acknowledges when he doesn’t know something, Together, we then work to find the answers. He has shown a great willingness to grapple with the tiniest detail if it will serve me. Much of my work is done in isolation. Working with Josh has made me feel that I have more than simply a coach, I now have a team.

I especially appreciate the graceful way in which he can move from the macro to the micro level and back again. In our initial meetings, he quickly came to understand what is of essence to my well-being. He grasped my yearning to make a significant contribution as well as my many fears. Because I have a deep underlying trust that he has my well-being at heart I have found it easier to try out new ideas and to act boldly. At times I felt like I was taking a huge leap. **I have taken such leaps in the past—the difference now is that they feel well-reasoned and for the first time in my professional career, I feel that I have a safety net under me.

The proof is in the pudding: Since working with Josh, I have felt more productive and focused in my work. I am spending more time doing what I want to do, and experience more joy in the process.**

Paul C. Roud
Writer, psychologist
Leverett, MA

More peace. More productivity.