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I began my professional career as a corporate lawyer. I received my JD from The University of Chicago in 1985 and went to work on Wall Street. After that, I helped to found Community Capital Bank, a socially responsible bank, and rescue the ailing City National Bank, the only minority-owned and managed bank in New Jersey.

When I felt my heart drawn to work more with people and less with contracts, I left law to teach high school physics. I have always loved math and physics.

I worked as a high school teacher in New York City for four years, also leading workshops for teachers and teaching at The City College of New York. I then moved to Amherst where I taught in the public schools for two years before founding North Star: Self-directed Learning for Teens. I earned several awards as a teacher.

As director of North Star for seven years, I advised teens and their families, helping them to find their north stars and to discern paths leading there. I also taught classes in science, math, law, music, theater, gender roles, and interpersonal communication.

CoachVille, one of the leading coaching schools, graduated me in 2005, and I started a private coaching practice. My clients have included mostly corporate executives and managers, lawyers, small business owners, and beginning coaches that I have mentored. CoachVille invited me onto its faculty in 2006, and I have taught almost all aspects of coaching since that time. I have also taught coaching skills to professional groups. Currently, along with my coaching practice and training, I teach high school math.

I live with my partner and two sons in Amherst, MA. I enjoy playing sports and the piano.

More peace. More productivity.