Start here. Get there.

You will make better decisions if I coach you.

How much better? That depends.

We all have blind spots. We all have habitual ways of approaching questions and dealing with situations. My coaching will help you see into your blind spots. It will help you approach questions and situations differently. I can guarantee this. The results can be invaluable.

The people that get the most from coaching are usually successful individuals that already aim to do their very best. If you strive to be more focused, more effective, or more productive, my coaching will help you.

The coaching process is not mysterious. You tell me what is up. I ask you questions to help you be clearer, more precise, and truer to your higher priorities. To coach well is a skill and an art. I have been doing it for ten years and teaching and mentoring new coaches for seven years. Getting coached by me is also a lot of fun.

It is hard to understand the power of good coaching until you experience it. For this reason, I offer a complimentary session. Please call or email if you would like to know more or schedule a session.

Joshua Hornick, Professional Certified Coach

More peace. More productivity.